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kishaOUR FIRM…and our history

Restore Accounting, Tax Preparation and Training is the place in Albuquerque, NM and Rio Rancho, NM that people regularly turn to for superb quality accounting, tax preparation and training experience. It can truly be said that We Love Numbers And People.

Restore Accounting started as a college dream of our Principal Accountants, Takisha Rhodes, MBA.  She learned one of the hardest parts of starting a small business was doing the accounting.  Many small businesses close within the 2nd – 3rd year of starting up. Why? Mainly due to mishandling of funds, little to no accounting experience, management issues and lastly, not being able to afford professional financial services.  Takisha decided her purpose as an accountant would be to help the very people who need it the most, small business owners who can’t afford professional financial services, but still need the expertise of a well-trained, professional and honest accountant.

Now of course this dream didn’t become reality until she had been out of school for 10 years and returned to get her master’s degree. After several years of her relentless mother pushing her to “just do it”, and several friends calling and asking for help with their own small businesses, Takisha took the leap and started Restore Accounting, LLC officially January 1, 2010. Her initial plan was to offer accounting only, but after successfully securing several small business clients who also needed tax preparation, she added tax preparation. She also added on medical billing & coding from 2012 – 2018 and still has several medical billing & coding clients although she is no longer accepting new medical billing & coding clients due to her drive to train and spread her knowledge to more than just her current clients. In 2019 Takisha is bridging out to train others on accounting, taxes and medical billing & coding with the goal of reaching more small businesses on a larger scale. Thus, currently resulting in her practice being Accounting, Tax Preparation and Training as of 2019.




Takisha is the founder of Restore Accounting, LLC. She serves as the principal accountant of the firm. Her personality is very easy going and fits well with the New Mexico culture.  She loves talking and meeting new people, she has great organization skills and is a lifelong learner. In addition to running the firm, she is a part-time accounting & business instructor at Central New Mexico Community College.


Professionally Takisha has an extensive background in small business accounting, mental health medical billing, federal and state taxes. She places a strong emphasis on developing and improving relationships while providing exemplary customer service and attention to detail as a means of retaining existing clientele. She is an accountant because she loves numbers and people and she is an entrepreneur because she loves seeing her peers succeed in turning their dreams into reality. In addition to working at the firm, Takisha is a part time instructor at our local community college, CNM. She loves teaching and seeing others learn, she brings her love of teaching into her meetings and work with her clients at the firm. 

In her free time Takisha’s hobbies include: riding her Can Am Motorcycle, traveling, reading, going to the movies, community service, and making great memories with the ones she loves.

Professional Awards & Memberships

  • Member of National Society of Tax Professionals
  • Recipient of AICPA Accounting Scholarship
  • Community Service Award from Fellowship Baptist Church


  • Albuquerque Academy Alum
  • NAU – Master of Business Administration with an emphasis in International Business, 2011
  • NAU – Bachelor of Science in Managerial & CPA Accounting, 2003
  • CNM – Associate of Education, 1999
  • Annual Continuing Professional Education

Takisha’s Motto

I love working with numbers and people, restoring the balance of great customer service and accounting. Preparation + Opportunity = Success  and this is why I will never stop learning.

Our Team of Contractors

Bookkeepers, HR Managers, Tax Preparers, Payroll, Office Admin and Interns 

As Restore Accounting continues to grow, we have surround ourselves with a great team of contractors to support and help with not only our grown, but yours as well. We work with several contractors for services such as Bookkeeping, CPA’s, HR Management, Tax Preparation, Payroll, Office Administrative Work and also offer Internships to up and coming accounting & tax students. If there is a service you need that Restore Accounting does not directly provide, we can always work to come up with a solution with our team of contractors.


Our contractors have worked in their fields for 20 plus years, they are working for Restore Accounting as contractors so they can enjoy the freedom of working in their own work environment and making their own schedules. This allows our contractors to work with the business community at Restore Accounting and continue to use their skills and knowledge. 

Professional Awards & Memberships

  • In addition to working at Restore Accounting, our contractors volunteer all over the State of New Mexico, attend school at our local colleges and also run successful businesses of their own.


  • Our contractors hold degrees & certifications in: Accounting, CPA’s, Management, Organizational Communications, Taxes, Bookkeeping, Business Administration, Education and Government Contracting.

One of our Contractor’s Motto

“Treat others as you would like to be treated.”



Our office is setup to offer privacy for those customers concerned about keeping personal financial information between us and them. We have separate meeting rooms available, each with its own door. We also have work spaces that allow our workers a chance to efficiently perform all duties.

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We employ a team of seasoned professionals who stay current with each industry’s requirements to make certain our customers receive only the most reliable and compliant services at competitive prices. Our team has a passion for the field that easily carries over into making our interactions as friendly and helpful as possible.