Behavioral Health Final Fee Schedule Changes Effective January 1, 2017

As of 1/1/2017 Medicaid Rates for Behavioral Health Fees are decreasing.  There was a Special Session that took place this fall which caused the rate drops that are supposed to aid in the States budget being balanced (See below more detail) 1*.

Below are the CPT codes that will be affected and are used by most Behavioral Health providers listed by education level:

Rate Drecease


Here is the direct link to the new rates:

1* Medicaid Budget

The legislature and governor passed a fiscal year (FY) 2017 budget in the 2016 regular session that allocated $928.5 million in state funds for Medicaid. By July 2017, Medicaid is expected to experience a $417 million funding shortfall. 1 This represents a $20.8 million increase from FY 2016, but with increasing costs, this has resulted in what the HSD originally reported as an $86 million deficiency for Medicaid. 2