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We have comprehensive packages available based on the specific needs of your business. We charge 1 set amount for our services, rather you choose a monthly or quarterly package, you don’t have to worry about the price changing every month or quarter. If you prefer hourly rates our accounting hourly rate starts at $75 an hour. All rush jobs are a flat fee of $100 an hour.


Coming 2020

Taxes – All Tax Packages include E-Filing of the Tax Return

* Returns accepted only 2/1 thru 3/15 & completed by 4/15 *

Personal Taxes 

1. Essential Package  – $296.14

(NON-ITEMIZED basic return)

– Tax returns with W-2 income

– Additional Income & Adjustments to Income

– Credits such as child tax

– Earned income credits when applicable

– Schedules 1 through 3

2. Essential Plus Package – $403.83


Tax Returns with the above plus:

– Home Interest, Medical Expenses & Donations (SCH A)

– Interest, sales of stocks and bonds (SCH B and D)

3. Business Package – $511.52


Tax Returns with the above plus:

– Person(s) who owns a Small Business (Sch C or K-1)*

– Person(s) who owns a Rental Property (Sch E).

* If there is more than 1 Small Business or K-1 there will be an additional $200 charge

for each additional Business.

*All return prices include 1 state return only, each additional state is $150.00

Q: When can I bring/mail my tax return documents to Restore Accounting, LLC

A: Any time after 2/15/2020.

Q: When will Restore Accounting, LLC start working on my tax Return? 

A:  We process returns in the order they are received. If you need your return rushed, please let us know when you turn in your documents.

Q: How is my return completed?

A: After you drop off your documents.

  1. We process your data within 2-3 weeks from the drop off date. Please note, this time frame may be extended if we are waiting for documents or answers to questions.
  2. Once we are done, we will email you to set up a review meeting.
  3. After your review meeting and approval of the return (we do this in person or remotely via a secure online meeting) we invoice you.
  4. Once your invoice is paid, we process the return.
  5. We print out a physical copy for you to take home OR securely email you an electric copy, the choice is yours.

Business Taxes (Partnerships & Corporations) 

*These Tax Returns are for Partnerships, S-Corporations and C-Corporations and include K-1’s. Filing Deadline for these returns is March 15th.

Business Plus Packages

1. Without Exchanges – $699.97

Download Tax Questionnaire Here

Click to download questionnaire, fill out and bring to your appointment.